Let us say you have started an online business where you can plan your hours, be your own boss, but you still feel it might not be fulfilling so far. It might be because you need a bit of motivation to keep going.

Being self-employed does not always mean there will be no challenges. With the right discipline, motivation, and correct approach to your problems, you should be able to handle the challenges better.

If you are struggling to stay motivated, then this guide should have the right tips to keep you going. Let us look at some of the tips to keep in mind for a better motivation.

Never stop learning

We all should never stop reading to learn more about the different things about life. We recommend that you spend at least thirty minutes daily to learn something new. It could be reading a book about the topic of interest. A novel can also be good for those who love inspiring stories.

Another top option would be to read business biographies to see how other entrepreneurs worked hard to get where they are now. Some spiritual and self-improvement books can be a nice choice for you too.

Let your peers challenge you

It is common for peers to challenge each other. This can result in peer pressure, in a good way of course. Peer pressure might sound silly for grownups who are running their businesses. However, it is always good to have a friend who challenges you to do better.

There are even apps such as Make Me and Challenged App that can connect friends and have them challenge each other. Having someone to push you beyond what you think is sufficient can help in making you more productive.

Friends can have a target they need to achieve in their respective businesses and see who gets there first. As such, you will be motivated to work harder.

Note down your business goals

Whether they are long-term or short-term goals, you need to write them down. It is only when you have them written that you can plan how to achieve them both. It does not matter how small or big the goal is. What is important is that you know that after a certain period, you need to accomplish a few goals.

You can set up the goals as a to do list. Hang it in the office so that you can mark those goals you achieve. Such is the motivation that you need for working harder to meet your goals before the deadlines you have set up.

Take rests where necessary

Most people think that you can only get work done if you work the 8-hour shift. Right now, you are your own boss, so it is easy to come up with a perfect schedule. You can always take breaks of 30 minutes to decompress after every few hours. Once you get back to work, you will notice that you are better at creativity and productivity.

There are times you can take a complete day off to reflect further on your life. Such rests from work allow you to be refreshed so that you can handle the business better when you resume work.

Create 5-minute tasks

It is always satisfying when you can complete tasks within the set time. To try out this method, we recommend that you come up with 5-minute tasks and see if you can complete them on time. This can be replying to emails, posting on social media about your online business, and more.

This can be a good method to get out of the sluggish mornings. It is a nice and quick fix to your motivation issues you might be having at the moment.

Do not forget to set time aside for yourself

As much as you can now create your own schedule, there are times that you might end up getting lost in your work that you forget about setting time aside to relax. When you seem to overwork a lot, then the motivation to keep working can easily reflect on your performance.

You need to remember that everything does not have to be work all the time. Overworking can affect your productivity in the long-run. To stay motivated, we recommend that you take the time to relax and even enjoy time with family and friends.

Never forget to reward yourself

Even when you were still employed, you would have appreciated getting a pat on the back from the boss. The rewards you get an employee always motivates to do better than ever. Why would you stop rewarding yourself when you now have your own business?

A reward does not always have to be something big. Let us say you take a few days for a vacation or buy yourself something nice for the office. It always keeps you motivated knowing that it is possible to get some rewards once you achieve a few goals on your list.


People often underestimate what a good night’s sleep can do for your health and motivation. Each time you report to work fully rested will be one of the most productive days. With a proper amount of rest, you will feel good enough to tackle the day ahead.

We have also found out that sleep can be good for both your mental and physical health. Being mentally stable is good for someone who needs to remain motivated all the time.

Final Thoughts

The best part about staying motivated while running a business is that you get a lot of things accomplished in a short time. It might be the reason you get a lot more people looking for various ways to stay motivated. From the guide above, you should have all the information you need for the best motivation.
You do not have to do all the things mentioned above, but getting the majority of them done will help to boost your motivation. Remember to take breaks from work more often to refresh your mind and boost productivity.