It is common to find most people using Chrome as their default browser. This is because Chrome can load faster, it is simple to use, and comes with a sleek look.

So, how do Chrome and SEO meet? Well, SEO consultants are always looking to boost their clients’ website’s rankings. They will do this by using Chrome extensions that scan the websites to point out any SEO related issues. It is from such results that the SEO consultants can know what to optimize.

Some would ask, what are Chrome extensions?

We can define extensions as the tools you add to the browser to offer additional functionalities and further customize the browsing experience. To download the extensions, you need to visit the Chrome Web Store.

The extensions can be of different categories. Some can be for entertainment, downloading content, and so much more.

From the Chrome Web Store, search the specific type of extension that you want. There will be thousands of SEO extension options available, so make sure you know the name of the extension.

As a marketing agency, having the right SEO Chrome extensions can help a lot in handling the different SEO needs of a client website. Below, we look at the top 10 options that will make your work easier.

Top On-Page SEO Extensions

Page Analytics

Page Analytics is one of the top choices for anyone who needs a Chrome SEO extension. This extension provides you with real time Google Analytics data. It is from the data that you can learn more about the metrics of the account. You no longer need to look at the full website to identify the various information.

Some of the data you will see includes the unique page views, the bounce rate, the average time users spend on a page, and much more.

It is from such statistics that you can know which content provides real value to the reader. As such, you can develop more of such content.


The H-Tag extension is for learning more about the website headers. Such is crucial so that you know where it is right to place the targeted keywords.

The headers will provide you with the best content structure of a web page. With the headers correctly placed, the readers can quickly learn about the important points. The headers also allow the readers to skim through the content and still know what the whole page is all about.

This extension is then best for doing an initial SEO audit so that you know which headers to optimize.

Google PageSpeed Insights

Google has pointed out that the page speed is also an important factor when ranking websites. It is why you would want to ensure that the website loads faster to get the best SEO ranking.

How do you know the website loading speed? We recommend that you use the Google PageSpeed Insights extension. This will help you to audit the website and identify if there are some factors hurting the load speed.

Having a slow loading website can also affect how the search engines crawl your website. Slow speeds can impact your indexation negatively.

Redirect Path

The last thing you want for your website is for the clients to end up with errors each time they click the links found on the web pages. Some of the common broken link errors will be 301, 302, 404, Meta, JavaScript redirects, and 500 HTTP Status Codes.

With this Chrome extension, you can easily identify the errors and rectify them before they become an issue. Also, the broken links affect your ranking power you worked so hard to get.


For those who are new to SEO and have no idea where to start, then this is the best extension to use. Once installed, it can conduct an SEO audit for the whole website identifying the areas you need to optimize.

The audit report will contain some important metrics for the marketing agency to use for optimizing the websites. Such information includes the Alexa rank of the website, on site optimization, page views, bounce rate, Facebook likes, and more.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Developing SEO Strategies


This Chrome extension is good for helping you learn more about SEO and develop a better strategy to optimize the content on your website. The extension will show you the engagement levels of different contents on your website.

Other than evaluating the content on your website, the same extension is also good for checking the engagement you get from other websites and social media platforms. Knowing if there are more people reading your content from other websites shows that it is high quality and engaging. This is also how you know more about the backlinks you are getting for your website content.

Keywords Everywhere

As part of developing the best content, you still need the best keywords. When other keyword tools are expensive to use, this one is free.

The extension will work by pulling data from other keyword services such as Ubersuggest, Keyword Planner, and Google Search Console.

Once you run the extension, it will help you learn about the keywords by volume, cost per click, and any competitive keywords on similar websites. It is also a good resource for those who want long tail phrases. Once you have your keywords, save them in an Excel file for future reference.

Best SEO Chrome Extensions for Competitor Research


MozBar is a top-rated SEO chrome extension that you can use right now. Once set up, you can do a lot more things with it. Many find it to be beneficial to optimize a website for a specific location. This can include the country, region, or even the city. Such optimization is mostly good for business websites.

This extension is good for quickly assessing the Page Authority and the Domain Authority on any webpage. If is from such an audit that you know what needs more optimization to make it better. You might have to optimize things such as the URL, meta description, and title.


This is another powerful Chrome extension for SEO that you should have. Other than scanning to optimize your website, you can still use the same to scan competitor websites. If you find that your competitor website ranks better, scanning it can help to identify what makes it better than your website.


If you are still looking for top SEO chrome extensions, then the Ahrefs is also a nice choice. It works by giving you an overview of the whole website to help you replicate the same on your website. It will show data such as the rank, URL rating, domain rating, referring domains, and the number of backlinks.

The same extension will also show the estimated organic traffic to a website and the specific keywords used to make it rank better. With all such metrics, you will have all the information you need to optimize a client website better.

In Summary

With the use of SEO chrome extensions, you now have a chance to work smarter towards realizing better website ranking. Rather than going to each individual competitor’s websites to spend hours to learn about their optimization methods, you can simply use the extensions to get an SEO audit. It is from the audit that you can know how best to optimize your client’s website to help it rank better.